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Fashion Statement's owner, Marissa, has been touched by her cousin Alicia's new journey of fighting Ovarian Cancer. Alicia is a 43 year old single mom currently unemployed from the pandemic and could use all of the support she can get.  

The A-Team is a group of Alicia's friends and family who have created a t-shirt to help Alicia's Journey in her battle against Ovarian Cancer.

A snippet of Alicia's diagnosis is below .

Alicia was officially diagnosed with stage IIIB Ovarian cancer. She has had a MAJOR surgery to remove all “female” parts, a portion of her colon (they were able to do a resection without needing a bag), along with some other areas in the abdomen that has even the smallest sign of cancer cells. The GOOD news is that they were able to get it ALL!!!! The not so good news is that it was found to be in her lymph nodes with ascites (free fluid) in the abdomen also testing positive for cancer.

Alicia was in the hospital for 8 days, went home with 43 staples and who knows how many internal stitches. But this girl is a ROCK STAR! She not only went home sooner than they had expected for such an invasive surgery, but she is already up and living her life, getting to go to her happy place, the shore, whenever she can before the real “hard stuff” starts.

Alicia has begun a long and challenging chemo program. This will last for a total of 6 months with and 8 day break in between sessions (rounds). There will be forms of chemo being administered into two different ports. Her phenomenal doctor and his team (which there are no words that come to mind to even describe how wonderful they all have been and will continue to be) are preparing her for how sick she will be through the rest of this journey. The second chemo port is for a much stronger and intense form of chemo which is important for her to have. It REALLY decreases her chances on recurrence and if all goes as planned, for her to go on and live a long and healthy life. She will need maintenance in the form of pills for an additional 2-3 years but they are not nearly as toxic as the actual chemo she will have over these 6 months.

We hope that this is the beginning of the end of the “bad” year and by this time next year, she will be living life feeling normal and healthy.

Due to losing her job in April and now focusing all her time and energy into this battle. With unemployment ending, a young daughter to care for as a single mother, a home to pay rent for, along with the many many bills including groceries, medical bills, utilities and food shopping just to name a few, she is also burdened with how to pay for it all in addition to getting herself healthy on the road to recovery.

We (her friends and family) have created a team, the A-Team, to support her through all of this. We are humbly asking for donations (which are tax free) to help her during this difficult time as well.

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